What You'll Learn

Not sure about Write.law yet? No problem. This course will introduce you to how Write.law can help you become a better legal writer and practitioner. You'll also get to try a free lesson from the Legal Storyteller course called The Movie Trailer.

  • Learn how Write.law can help you become a top-notch legal writer and practitioner.

  • Get introduced to the system for becoming better at writing.

  • See how to use Write.law Online's interface.

  • Try a free lesson before you dive in.

Watch Intro Video

Free Intro Lessons

  • 1

    Free Lesson: Naming Day

    • The Basics

    • The Steps

    • Deep Dive

    • Master It

  • 2

    Free Lesson: Mastering Microsoft Word

    • Microsoft Word Basics

    • Microsoft Word Nuts and Bolts

    • Microsoft Word Recap

    • Master Microsoft Word

    • Microsoft Word Cheat Sheet

  • 3

    Free Lesson: Appellate Briefs Walkthrough

    • Introduction: Appellate Brief Walkthrough

    • The Basics

  • 4

    Free Write.law Cheat Cheats

    • Write.law Legal Writing Tricks

    • 26 Tools to Elevate Your Legal Analysis

    • Feedback Cheat Sheet

  • 5

    Free Lesson: Killing Projects

    • The Basics

    • Recap

    • Mastering Projects

    • Projects Checklist

  • 6

    Getting to Know Write.law Online

    • Level Up Your Lawyering

    • How Write.law Works

    • How to Navigate Write.law Online

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